As the capital of Japan for over one thousand years until 1868, Kyoto had been creating its original culture of grace. Kyoto ware (Kyo-yaki, Kiyomizu-yaki) is the ceramic ware with gorgeous, delicate and highly polished sensibility. This is one of the finest Japanese traditional crafts. Today’s Kyoto ware is now produced by advanced masters skills and modern sensibility, keeping the spirits of the tradition represented by such as Ninsei and Kenzan.


KUMAGAI Co.Ltd. founded in 1935 and located in Kyoto prefecture, is a wholesale specializing in Kyoto ware(Kyoyaki-Kiyomizuyaki). We have been expanding our network with many ceramic artists and pottery producers proposing new commodities.
From tableware such as teacups, plates and bowls, we also produce tea utensils, incense burners and decorative objects and picture frames. In addition, we customize accessories like pendants,smallarticles for sewing and Buddhist alter fittings on clients’requirements.
We dedicate our every work to promoting Japanese traditional arts to Japan as well as to the world, and bringing people happiness and great sensation.

Company Name Kumagaisoushouten Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director Takayoshi Kumagai
Location 〒607-8322
Kyoto Yamashina-ku,Kawata,Kiyomizuyakidanchicho 9-5
Google map
TEL +81-75-501-8083
FAX +81-75-501-5876
Founded April 1935
Company Founded February 1956
Capital 20 million yen
Opening Hours 9:00A.M.-6:00P.M.(Weekdays)
Holiday NewYear holiday
Summer holiday

Exhibition room

At the Gallery Rakuchu-Rakugai, we exhibit various kinds of ceramic wares; tableware such as tea cups, tea utensils such as tea ceremony bowls and interior decorations such as incense burners and flower vases.

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